Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Strikes Again

I am still having problems making it through the day. Everything reminds me of Linda and I keep thinking about calling Rich but I don't need to be bothering him. I am staying away from people and trying just to concentrate on my quilts.

I have been without my meds for almost a week and feel I am doing ok. My meds are so expensive I have to wait until payday on Friday. The one thing I like about not taking my meds is feeling manic. My projects are getting done, like my husbands music quilt for the summer and my homework project for a quilting class I am taking next week. Also trying to change the bedrooms around again. When we brought this house we had 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms for 6 people for only 6 weeks, next we were down to 2 people for 6 months, 3 people for 4 years with an addition of 1 right in the middle for a school year. Then for 6 months just 2 of us with me having empty nest syndrome. I changed all the rooms so they all worked for my different projects, ebay selling, scrapbooking and quilting with one room for a guest room. They are all coming back - my oldest daughter, Julie (don't know how long she is staying) for the summer, Lauren has already returned will be going to the University of Arizona and Ruthanne (sister of Lauren) for the summer. I also am lucky enough to get my Cindy's kids Samantha and Ryan for a month. I just love it the house will be full again, the way I like it. But I better go back on my meds. I am going to say good night and head for Pogo so I can play games until the sleeping pill takes over. Watch over me Linda!

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