Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday, the Day before Friday--WoW

It is really late but I just had to talk about my day. Last night my Julianne called and said she was free and out of trouble but I just couldn't get excited, she had said she was free and then some bureaucrat would change their minds (and I use minds very loosely). But her birthday is tomorrow and we will celebrate as soon as she gets here. We are going to eat out, go shopping and buy groceries. Maybe get pedicures.???? Today was rough I am still working on switching the rooms around so Julianne has a bedroom when she is here and company has an extra room when and if they are here. It is a lot of work and I have not asked John to help because I just switched rooms around before when I thought no one wanted me anymore. Always be careful what you wish for--just kidding-absolutely love my kids.

Again, every time I say some of the pictures with Linda in them or the little collector items she had given me the sadness would be there again. I tell everyone do not put off tomorrow what you can do today but I still have not finished the letter I am writing my Aunt Dorothy. I must do that, she is the only older family left. Her sisters (my mom and my aunt Marge) are gone now and just within a couple of years apart and with the same pancreatic cancer. Very scary.

I was watching Bones to night and they just are not following the author Kathy Reich, her books are nothing like the TV series. I feel Patricia Caldwell's Dr Scarbetta is closer and for some stupid reason it surprises me the TV program keeps crediting Kathy Reich??????

Well I am off to finish the last couple of chapters I have left in my book.

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