Friday, May 14, 2010

Julianne's 40th Birthday

Today is the day that a mother really is not prepared for no matter how many times she says 'age never bothers me' but deep down inside it does. I admit I do not mind being 60 but to have a daughter who turned 40 it is hard. I have great children but I feel so old and when I look in the mirror it is not me looking back. My kids even look a lot like me also, I feel so bad for them because I look like my grandmother Davis and that is sad really sad. When my daughter, Julianne came for the weekend she brought another grandchild, Ruthanne, She is going to be 13 in July along with another granddaughter, Samantha who will be 16 in July. My youngest daughter or oldest granddaughter, Lauren will be 20 and just ended her 2nd year in college--now I really am ancient. It seems so weird, all my sisters kids and mine were born within months of each other but my children have grown or almost grown children and my sister just had her 2nd grandchild. But I love babies and can't wait to see Clint's baby girl, Isabella. The pictures show how beautiful she looks but I want to hold. My sister is bringing, Clint's boy Marco whom I love dearly, when she comes in July, I wonder if Clint and Veronica will let her bring Isabella too. Probably not. Ruthanne is sleeping (or trying) in my computer room so I probably should log off. Happy Birthday Julianne. Love you!

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